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Install Tile - 8.54%
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I don't install - I work in a warehouse, showroom, sales .... - 12.20%
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CFI 21st Convention a Smashing Success!

Sep 10, 2014 - 11:10 AM - by Jim McClain
“There’s nothing like a CFI Convention! It’s the greatest family reunion in the flooring industry! The excitement, the enthusiasm to learn and the energy to make new things happen are the major elements of the Convention,” said Jim Walker, CEO. “From Washington, California, New Hampshire, Florida, South Africa and all parts in between, the attendees all remarked that they “got” what they came for; to have a good time and return home more knowledgeable; our members love their Convention!”

The CFI Board of Directors met on Thursday followed by the CFI Certification Team Annual Meeting. This was a brainstorming session to review and revise the training as needed. New ideas to reach more installers will be implemented. The Team consists of 78 full-time members with over 300 who assist in various sections of the country.

Robert Varden, Executive Director welcomed the guests on Friday morning and thanked the members of the Press for their attendance, the CFI Associates for their contributions to the success of the event and the annual commemorative convention jacket that was met with overwhelming satisfaction by the attendees. “The CFI Jacket is highly regarded by our members and worn proudly throughout the year. We know this has been a part of the Convention for 21 years and our members told us how much they look forward to the jacket. We appreciate the contributions from the manufacturers that make this possible,” said Varden.

The Chris Davis Award is presented in his memory to recognize an individual who promotes and is dedicated to quality flooring installation. The 2014 recipient... [Read More]

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Forbo Job in Sarasota

Oct 12, 2014 - 8:55 PM - by Flredneckply
The teen section at the Gulf Gate Library, Sarasota, FL.

The product was Forbo Marmoleum Real. First we put all of our layout marks and lines on the floor, then dry cut everything 2 inches longer and glued the pieces down. Then we under-scribed the seams. They didn't want it to be welded, so we had to make the seams perfect.
8 Replies

Forklift Floor Coating

Oct 05, 2014 - 6:23 AM - by epoxyman
Been working on a few floors for a plant we do work on installing new floors for there forklifts got got about 3,200sf done so far still have around 2,350 still to do.

Doing a shot blast / grind up the old coatings and prime and do a 3/16 trowel down with a Dur a Flex armor top for the finish coat.

The forklifts run 240-300 trips a day across these floors they are open 24/7 So I had to work around them had to close one side at a time and work then open it back up to them. There are a few spots in the floor that we will have to get in Dec and Jan for they shut down a few weeks and I can have the room to install the floors. So far its been going great the guy's and gal's that work there all stay off my work and love the new floors ... [Read More]
6 Replies

Work Van for a PRO

Jul 26, 2014 - 7:03 PM - by Roland Thompson
Had some time between job's the other day. Could not just set around so I thru in a new floor in my truck. It is a lvp bambo look and a lvt sisal look. I set it in preasure sensitive. The lvt is set on a 45.
17 Replies
collapse Floorcovering Installation & Maintenance Tips

How to get blood out of carpet.

- by Darren Ramey
Hey friends. If you are anything like me you've been in this situation a lot. You go all Dexter on some poor sap and there is a hole in the tarps you laid out, or maybe you knifed a hooker in methamphetamine induced rage and wake up in a pool of fresh blood. We've all been there. Bodies can be dumped, clothes can be burned, but get that stuff on the carpet and it may be the key bit of evidence... [Read More]
13 Replies

Felt pad on stairs short cut

- by mike sliwinski
It's nothing spectacular, just something different than usual, when
cutting stair pads for a runner, score the pad every 10'' and then make the final cut on the staircase. It was extremely efficient by eliminating the stacking and placing of each separate pad.

Only took me 36 years to figure that out ... [Read More]
3 Replies

Handling Large Carpet Rolls

- by Mike Antonetti
Finally got somewhat of a system in handling large rolls of carpet and unloading out of a vehicle. I have hytrol rollers inside the trailer, it's a 10' section cut in half for easier loading and unloading since we're not full time carpet installers I take it off the trailer. Their the long rollers not the little wheels like the old metal roller skates which dimples the carpet.
So two... [Read More]
40 Replies

Konecto Buyers Beware

- by Flooring Diagnosis
As of May 31st 2014, Konecto is requiring an underlayment underneath their floating vinyl planks. I almost bid a commercial job not realizing this but it's a good thing I looked at their material and installation warranty prior to turning in my bid or that would have been one expensive mistake! I look for more floating vinyl plank manufacturers to be requiring this before long. Always read the... [Read More]
9 Replies

strip cutters trick from the past

- by Daris Mulkin
A 100 years ago, well maybe not that long ago, but here is a little trick I was shown from Michael Hetts for when your cutters don't cut all the way through. Also if you notice the blades are in backwards. Another trick for cutting wider strip. Take a paper clip and insert a piece under the blades and they will cut completely through unless they re in bad shape as mine are.

... [Read More]
8 Replies

Is that bucket too big for the sink? No problem..

- by kylenelson
If you need to fill something up that won't fit in the sink just slip your dust pan in the sink and let the handle act as the faucet! It's #7 in the photo...
10 Replies

A Perfect Linoleum Weld

- by cproader
Welded about 200' of Johnsonite/Tarkett lino today. What I have been noticin when skivin my weld, is if there is anything I would change about this process is I would reverse the edges and put the angled edge on the bottom side of the knife. Well I made one today. I can hold it at any desired angle and get a perfectly smooth and full weld....... [Read More]
11 Replies

How to make bucket and tool cleaning easier.

- by Omnipotent
I use silicone spray on my tools and buckets to make cleaning afterwards easier. Does anybody else do this or is there something that works even better?
7 Replies

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interesting article in Floor Covering Weekly

Jul 30, 2014 - 9:06 AM - by nimrod
maybe not such a good deal after all.....Global Community Monitor: Lumber Liquidators flooring emits hazardous levels of formaldehyde | DailyUpdates | Daily Update | Floor Covering Weekly

Excerpt from: FCW 7/23/2014
[California's] Proposition 65 requires products containing
... [Read More]

Good Business Article

May 13, 2014 - 8:53 PM - by kwfloors
I came across this article today. Its right on point for how we should be in business.

Excerpt from: Sandi Krakowski
Your clients are very aware of what they need. But when you enter the marketplace a bigger issue must be faced. Are YOU aware of what they need? This is the real issue when it comes to selling products or services.

Read... [Read More]
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