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Cutting circles

"Cutting circles," in the Carpet Q&A forum, begins: "Learned alot from most of you guys at the old place. I'm doing a good size office (carpet tile) area ..."

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Old September 26, 2007, 05:05 PM   #1
Eagle Floor Covering
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Cutting circles

Learned alot from most of you guys at the old place. I'm doing a good size office (carpet tile) area with alot of S curves, and circles with diff colors on each side. Big fabricating company and they have all lines laid out on concrete. One of those jobs you know nothing about 'till you got there. Anyway....... used a lenght of top metal (stood up on edge) today to guide my knife, but you have to hold it away from edge of metal to get a 90* cut .(where's the degree symbol). Look's good so far but have alot more to do. Anybody got any tips or tricks? Just fishing for a better way.
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Old September 26, 2007, 05:38 PM   #2
Daris Mulkin
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Re: Cutting circles

Tackstrip---- I took an aluminum staight edge and drilled small holes in 1 inch increments the whole length. This particlular straight edge is already marked out in ft and inchs so I didn't have to do alot of measuring. Anyway now all I have to do is take an ice pick to fasten the edge at whatever point to make a circle of the size I want using a top cutter at the end of the straight edge.
I also made a circle cutter using a 1"x1"x36" and drilled 1/4 in holes at 1 in. increments with a nail as the pivot, again I can slip in a exacto knife or a pencil to make circles.
For curves and that depending on the distance 1/2 in pvc pipe coupled together can be bent to make nice even sloping curves.
One time I made a scribe for cutting a border into carpet that the room was all rounded. No actual square corners. There I took a piece of scrape 1x3 that was on the job and tacked a utility blade on one end and used it to run the wall. Then when I had to shorten up I just cut whatever amount off the end of the board.
Or you can by a circle cutter. National Carpet Equipment sells them with extensions.
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Re: Cutting circles

I've done all kinds of tracking methods to cut circles, buy the unit from national, I did and it makes it easy and clean. I saw one on ebay a week ago and it sold cheap.

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