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evoke flooring

Old March 29, 2011 06:35 PM
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Evoke is premium-quality flooring that's winning a lot of fans for its beauty, personality and versatility. The fantastic selection of textures, colors and styles makes it easy to find an Evoke floor that's perfect for you, your home and your family.

Evoke Luxury Vinyl is the latest and greatest word in good looking, long lasting easy care flooring. This ultra-durable flooring has been a trade secret for years and is widely used in commercial buildings like offices, stores and care facilities – and now you can have it at home!

Evoke Luxury Vinyl is true, genuine 100% vinyl – not a composite or hybrid product like many others on the market. It offers three installation options, value priced and premium product choices, and dozens of beautiful wood-themed colors and textures. They can be installed anywhere inside the home – including wet rooms like laundry and bathrooms – over just about any kind of subfloor material.

Evoke Laminate is a breeze to install, with no gluing or nailing – it just clicks into place. It even has its own underlay built right in. And there’s a full range of accessories, to finish the job in style. Evoke will happily go in almost any room in your home and can also be installed over radiant heat. And with a limited lifetime residential wear warranty, Evoke is ready for a long term commitment.

Visit the evoke website to find a dealer near you.
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