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Resilient Floor Covering Institute

Old July 16, 2009 01:13 PM
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Resilient Floor Covering Institute
The Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) is an industry trade association of North America manufacturers who produce resilient flooring products. Associate members of RFCI supply raw materials to the resilient flooring industry and manufacture installation and maintenance products.

RFCI was established to support the interests of the total resilient floor covering industry and the people who use its products. The Institute objectives include:
  • Promoting the use of resilient floor covering as a product category
  • Monitoring and responding to federal, state and local legislation and regulations that affect the industry and its products
  • Developing guidelines for products, installation, maintenance and related subjects to ensure the continued quality of resilient products
  • Providing technical information and data on the resilient flooring industry

For more information about resilient flooring, installation and maintenance, recommended work practices and other documentation, or membership in RFCI, visit the Resilient Floor Covering Institute website. You can also contact them at:
Resilient Floor Covering Institute
115 Broad Street
Suite 201
LaGrange, Georgia 30240
Office: 706-882-3833
Fax: 706-882-3880

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